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tidy bed

How can we see the ghosts of our past? In a remote beach house a boy confronts a suicide attempt, hidden by his family and friends.

world premiere at Festival Mix Mexico City

written and directed by Danilo Bastos Godoy
director of photography: Sebastian Bolenius

grip Annelaure Pothin
art director Dárida Rodrigues

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the deep

spoken word piece & performace video
‘The Deep’ was part of the Ocean Atlântico exhibition
at Rove Lisboa in October 2022
curated by Andrea Huber & Federica Elena

Concept, creative direction & performance by: Patricia Keleher
Film, photography & creative direction: Sebastian Bolenius
Soundscape: Christian Vismara

Makeup & hair: Iryna Schreiber
Filmed at estudio dezasseis

who is SHI?

fashion video for unreal fields

camera&direction by: Sebastian Bolenius
Production: Bianca Scherr, Prinz Productions
Photo: Marc da Cunha Lopes
Assistent Photo Video: Filipa Martins
Styling: Lúcia Valdevino
Beauty: Tina hoffmann

wolves and gasoline

official music video for Jacarandá 
a film by Sebastian Bolenius

starring: Andresa Soare, Alban Hall, Gonçalo Zagalo, Philippe Lenzini

make up: Sancha Martorell
styling Andresa : Grazi Sanches
styling Jacarandá : Maria Tomé
colorist: Christiano Gelato
graphics: Gui Athayde 

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dial 166

“Dial 166” pays tribute to the origins of breaking culture with a slapping drum-centric flip. Together with the Lisbon-based crew Breaking LX, we went on a field trip to test out the beat. 

concept & creative direction:
 Sebastian Bolenius & Christian Vismara

music: Black Pomade
breakers: Cinthia Perez, Antoine, Ruben, Maicon "Néctar", Catarin, Ayo, Ivo, Lil Hill, Cam, Anton

camera & edit: Sebastian Bolenius
slowmotion: Diogo Correia
color grading: Christiano Gelato

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